The IPM Association was founded in September 2019. The Association represents the interests of leading international pharmaceutical manufacturing companies operating in the Republic of Armenia, specialized in the development and production of modern, effective, safe and quality medicines. These companies own most of the volume of the medicines being registered, imported and sold in the Republic of Armenia.

The Association has joined the efforts of its members to promote the development of the fields of import, fair distribution and realization of effective and safe medicines in Armenia. Due to its effective activities, the Association has become an influential force promoting the development of the pharmaceutical market and protecting the interests of companies of the field.

We are guided by the perception that the development goals of both separate pharmaceutical companies and the entire sector are only accessible through an open, transparent dialogue that leads to the solution of many problems existing in the field.

  • The vision of the Association is

    To create such an environment in the Armenian pharmaceutical market where medicine users will have the opportunity to exercise their right to unrestricted access to increased quality, effective, safe and affordable medicines they really need.

  • The mission of the Association is

    To elaborate and implement such an economic and legal policy which is aimed at the development of an organized and open pharmaceutical market, enhancement of the quality of medical treatment and expansion of the range of modern medicines for the benefit of the Armenian population.

  • The goals of the Association are

    To ensure fair and equal competition in the Armenian pharmaceutical market; To create a more favorable business environment for international pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in Armenia; To establish an ever-improving work style; To strengthen the authority of the Association.

Basic principles of the Association are:

– to support the innovation activities based on open and transparent legislation in the field of intellectual property protection;

– to ensure the application of ethical standards provided for in the entrepreneurial Code of Conduct of the Pharmaceutical Industry in the Republic of Armenia to be adopted;

– Commitment to the strategy of sustainable development of the pharmaceutical market and to the predictable regulation policy of health care sphere.